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XCOM Enemy Unknown




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Game Description

Xcom Introductions

Certainly! Here are some introductions tailored for different contexts to “XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” highlighting its core features and appeal:

Introduction for New Players

“Step into the shoes of the Commander in ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown,’ where you lead an elite multinational organization tasked with defending Earth from a mysterious alien invasion. This critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game combines deep tactical combat, base management, and research into alien technology. Customize your soldiers, plan your strategies, and engage in intense battles against a relentless extraterrestrial threat. Can you save humanity from extinction?”

Introduction for Strategy Game Enthusiasts

“Discover ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown,’ the modern reboot of a classic turn-based strategy game that sets a new standard in the genre. As the Commander of XCOM, you’ll manage a global defense initiative, researching alien technologies, upgrading your base, and commanding your squad in tactical missions. With procedurally generated maps, a variety of soldier classes, and an unpredictable enemy, each playthrough offers a unique challenge. Dive into a game that demands strategic thinking and rewards careful planning.”


Introduction for Reviewers or Critics

“‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ is a masterful blend of strategy and tactical gameplay, brought to life by Firaxis Games. As the Commander of XCOM, players are tasked with managing a global resistance against an enigmatic alien threat. The game shines with its deep customization options, challenging turn-based combat, and a compelling narrative that keeps players engaged from start to finish. Its polished mechanics and procedural map generation ensure a fresh experience with each playthrough, making it a standout title in the strategy genre.”

Each introduction is designed to cater to different audiences, highlighting the aspects of “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” that would most appeal to them.

XCOM  Story

Warning: there may be some spoilers in the story below.

I’ve completed XCOM vanilla twice and am currently starting Long War, and what bothers me is the overall storyline.

It begins with aliens attacking and snatching earthlings. Then we find out that they harvest our resources as well. They need them for upgrades, especially in Long War. What kind of resources are they? All of the resources I’m acquiring are not available on Earth (Ellerium, Alloys, Meld), but they undoubtedly have the technology to turn our oil into Ellerium, which isn’t a big deal.

What disturbs me is the end. When you journey into the Temple ship, the plot develops and we realize that these wicked aliens are actually seeking for some “Chosen” and that the other..

Game characters

Soldiers: These are the human (and, eventually, cyborg) heroes you command in tactical fights against extraterrestrial forces. You can change their appearance and name them whatever you want. Each soldier class has its own set of powers and equipment.

Support Characters: These are the scientists, engineers, and other personnel who run the XCOM base, research alien technology, and create new weapons and gear for your soldiers.

Dr. Vahlen is the principal scientist, noted for her excitement for exploring alien technology, which can border on obsession at times.

Dr. Shen: The head engineer, who is more wary about alien technology, is concerned about the ramifications of its use.

How To XCOM Missions

Storyline Missions: These missions are essential for progressing the tale and completing the game’s objectives. They frequently include attacking alien bases, rescuing civilians, or recovering critical technology.

Council Missions: The XCOM Council, a group of nations who sponsor your organization, offers these missions. Completing these tasks yields resources, soldiers, or other advantages.

Alien assignments: These assignments require responding to alien activity around the earth. They may involve preventing abductions, containing terrorist attacks, or shooting down UFOs.

The types of missions you experience will differ based on the XCOM game you are playing. However, some typical mission kinds are:

Abduction: Help citizens escape an extraterrestrial abduction ship.

Terror Mission: Prevent aliens from causing widespread carnage in a crowded region.

UFO Crash Site: Retrieve extraterrestrial technology or relics from a crashed UFO.

Base Assault: Attack an alien base to destroy the alien threat.

These missions can be extremely demanding and necessitate meticulous planning and execution. To build an effective strategy, you must examine the abilities of your men, the enemy forces you are up against, and the mission objectives.

Xcom game mods

XCOM games have a robust modding culture, allowing players to customize different components of the game to improve their experience. These mods can range from minor changes to entire overhauls, catering to various playstyles and tastes. Here’s an overview of some popular XCOM game mods:

Verhaul Mods:

Long War is a large mod for XCOM: Enemy Within that totally overhauls the game, including a considerably longer campaign with new gameplay, opponents, weapons, armor, and research possibilities. It’s an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a more strategic and tough XCOM experience.

A Better Advent: This XCOM 2 mod improves the enemy faction, the Advent, making it more tactical and demanding. It introduces new opponent powers, units, and behaviors, forcing you to change your strategy to combat the alien menace.

Gameplay Changes:

All Soldiers Gain XP:This XCOM 2 mod ensures that all soldiers in your barracks gain experience after each operation, regardless of whether they were deployed. This reduces the strain of training new recruits after losing veteran soldiers in war.

Gotcha! Accurate targeting: This mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown solves a widespread issue in which flanking shots did not always reach their target. It guarantees that flanking bonuses are properly applied, making location more important in combat.

Alternate MouseCursors: This easy XCOM 2 patch replaces the default cursor with a variety of thematic options, allowing you to customize your gaming experience.

These are only a few of the many XCOM game mods available. With such a large modding community, you’re bound to find mods that match your interests and improve your XCOM experience! Remember to visit mod resources such as Nexus Mods or Steam Workshop to discover the most recent mods and choose the ones that best suit your XCOM game and desired gameplay experience.

Xcom cheat code

Activate Full Research, Knowledge, and Smarms for the Arms Dealer Side Mission.
No aliens, just a joyride.
Side missions include Nova Bomb (smnova), Pirate Base Rescue (smrescue), and Rogue Freighter (smrogue) with unlimited flight range. Time to fill up.Activate Full Research, Knowledge, and Smarms for the Arms Dealer Side Mission.

Construction on all bases has been completed.QuickBase Corporate Recon Side Mission SMRECON

Invincibility, can’t be touched, more money, payday, no aliens, joyride.
Nova Bomb Side Mission (smnova)
Pirate Base Rescue Side Mission (smrescue)
Rogue Freighter Side Mission (smrogue): Unlimited Flight Range Time (fillerup).

Pors & Cons

Pros: – Improved sound and graphics, with plenty of flash. – Added PVP mode. – The new crysalid representation was a welcome change from the original version. No more team transformations into crysalids. Although you become a zombie, you were initially slain on the first hit. Additionally, psi combat appears to be more well-thought out. No more Psi strikes from unseen foes. It’s no longer as severely broken as it was in the original game.

Cons: – Battlefields are too small and can be covered in three turns. Battles have the sensation of being extremely contained, as if you’re fighting in a shoebox or an auarium.
-Research trees were overly simple in the original game.

Game System Requairments

CPU: 2 GHz. Dual Core
CPU Speed: Information
RAM: 2 GB.
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or above.
Dedicated video RAM: 256 MB.
Pixel and vertex sizes are 3.0.
OS: Windows Vista.
Free disk space: 20 GB

Xcom Install & Download

Installing XCOM games on your computer or console is a straightforward process. Here’s a detailed tutorial for installing some of the most popular titles in the XCOM series on multiple platforms:For PCs (Windows).Using Steam.Install Steam: If you don’t have it yet, go to and download and install the Steam client.Create or Login to Your Steam Account:Create a new account or log into an existing one.Buy and install XCOM.Use the Steam client’s search box to locate the desired XCOM game (for example, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” “XCOM 2”).Buy the game from the Steam store.After you make your purchase, the game will be added to your collection.Navigate to your collection, find the game, and click the “Install” button.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.Using Different Digital Platforms

Game Conclusion

. Here is a breakdown of the most popular titles.

X-Com: UFO Defense (1994): The ending can change depending on your performance. In a successful campaign, you will repel the alien invasion and bring world peace. However, failing to limit the alien menace can result in a grim scenario in which Earth falls under alien dominion.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) and Enemy Within (2013): The ending focuses on addressing the extraterrestrial leaders, the Elders, and their motivations for conquering Earth. Depending on your study route (Plasma or Laser emphasis), you’ll encounter either a massive alien cruiser or a psychic weapon that threatens humanity. Success entails eradicating these threats..

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Xcom Enemy Unknown



Xcom Enemy Unknown

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