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Managerial, Strategy, Real-time, Isometric, 2D


FireFly Studios



Original Size:

16.4 GB

Repack Size:

from 1.7 GB [Selective Download]

Repack Feature of #3948 Stronghold: Definitive Edition + Multiplayer

  • Based on Stronghold.Definitive.Edition.MULTi17-RUNE ISO release: rune-stronghold.definitive.edition.multi17.iso (16,734,846,976 bytes)
  • Thanks to machine4578, the proper Traditional Chinese files (865 MB) have been added.
  • After installation, you will find an alternative multiplayer fix by 0xdeadc0de in the NoDVD folder.
  • All files are 100% identical to the originals and lossless after installation.
  • Nothing ripped and nothing re-encoded
  • Selective Download: You can skip the download and installation of 7 language packs that have their own voiceovers. You can still install the game with English voiceovers in other languages without those packs.
  • The archive size is significantly smaller (compressed from 16.4 GB to 1.72.1 for any language).
  • Installation can take 3-5 minutes, depending on your system language and the selected language.
  • Check the integrity of your installation after it has been completed.
  • HDD space after installation: 3.7 GB
  • Repack uses XTool Library by Razor12911
  • Installing this repack requires at least 2 GB RAM (including virtual).

Game Description

Introduction of STRONGHOLD

Relive the glory of Stronghold, the original BAFTA-nominated real-time strategy game, with this new definitive edition of the classic ‘castle sim’. Witness the game that started it all, carefully rebuilt using the source artwork, remastered music, returning voice talent, and veteran developers of the first entry in this legendary series. Welcome to the fractured, war-torn frontier of medieval England. With the King betrayed by his treacherous lords and a realm on the brink of collapse, take control of scattered forces and reunite your kingdom against the monstrous Rat, Pig, Snake and Wolf!

Strike down each villainous Lord in missions ranging from breaking sieges and capturing enemy castles to building epic fortresses and repelling enemy assaults. Test the limits of your strategic mind with castle assaults and grand banquets in military and economic campaigns. You can also download SANABI 

Dive into classic RTS and city builder gameplay now elevated with remade graphics, community requested features and remastered music from series maestro Robert L. Euvino. Gather resources, construct mighty castles, protect your townsfolk, manage your gold, raise armies and wage all out war!

Game Stroy

The game takes place in a fictional medieval world where players assume the role of a Lord tasked with defending and building a castle. Storylines often revolve around political intrigues, territorial disputes and the challenges that come with maintaining a flourishing medieval kingdom.

The central plot of “Stronghold” usually involves the character of the player inheriting a piece of land, and then being given the task of turning it into an economically prosperous and well-defended fortress. As the lord of the castle, the player faces various challenges including managing the economy, defending the stronghold, and keeping the populace happy.

 Chracters in STRONGHOLD

  1. Player (Lord/Lady). In this game, the player takes on the role of a lord or a lady of the castle. Their decisions affect the development, wealth, and defense the stronghold.
  2. Advisors : NPCs that offer advice and guidance on castle management, military strategies, and diplomacy.
  3. Rival lords: Other players in the game who can challenge, conflict, or form an alliance with the player. Rival lords usually have their own objectives and territories.
  4. Inhabitants/Citizens: The virtual population living within the player’s castle. The well-being of these citizens is crucial to a stronghold’s success and the health of its economy.
  5. Siege engineers and Military Units: Characters who are responsible for building and operating siege weaponry or leading military unit. These characters are crucial in both defensive and offensive situations.

The interactions between the characters and the gameplay are important to the overall experience. The player is the main character, and he or she shapes the fate of the castle and its people by making strategic decisions. It is more about the challenges presented by the game and the dynamic interaction with characters than the traditional storyline


  1. Castle Management and Building: The game “Stronghold”, allows players to build and manage their castles. It offers a detailed, immersive experience.
  2. Gameplay Strategy: This series places a high emphasis on strategic planning and thinking. The players must manage their resources, monitor the economy and strategically place defensive structures in order to resist enemy attacks.
  3. Siege Warsfare: The realistic depiction of siege warfare in “Stronghold” has made it a popular game. The game allows players to use different siege weapons and strategies in order to defend their castles or attack enemy strongholds.
  4. Campaign Varieties: These games feature a wide range of campaigns, each with its own objectives and scenarios. This provides players with an array of strategic challenges.
  5. Atmospheric design: Graphics and sound contribute to a immersive medieval atmosphere. This enhances the player’s feeling of living and defending in a medieval world.
  6. Customizable maps: Certain titles in the series enable players to create their own custom maps. This encourages creativity and provides additional gameplay options.


  1. Learning Curve: ‘Stronghold’ can have a steep learning curve for new players to real-time strategies games. Understanding resource management and strategy planning can take some time.
  2. Outdated graphics (in older titles). Older entries of the series might have graphics that are outdated in comparison to modern gaming standards. Newer titles in the series, however, have improved in this area.
  3. Pathfinding Problems: Some users have reported problems with the pathfinding of units, where they may not always choose the most efficient route, leading to frustration during battles.
  4. Limited innovation between iterations: Although each installment brings improvements to the core gameplay mechanics, major innovations are limited.
  5. Limited Storyfocus: This series is focused more on gameplay mechanics rather than complex storytelling. The game may not satisfy players who are looking for a deep story with a strong character.
  6. Occasional bugs: “Stronghold’s” titles, like many others, may occasionally have bugs or other issues that affect gameplay. Patches and updates can mitigate this, but some players may still be concerned.


  1. Custom Maps and Scenarios: Players create and share custom maps with unique landscapes and challenges. These mods often offer new strategic scenarios and objectives.
  2. Graphics Enhancements: Mods that improve the visual aspects of the game, including higher-resolution textures, improved models, and additional visual effects.
  3. Gameplay Tweaks: Modifications that alter gameplay mechanics, introduce new units or structures, and adjust aspects like resource management, unit behavior, and AI intelligence.
  4. New Campaigns: Fans sometimes create entirely new campaigns with unique storylines, missions, and characters, expanding the game beyond the official content.
  5. Balance Changes: Mods aimed at adjusting the balance of the game, making changes to unit stats, building costs, or other parameters to create a different gameplay experience.
  6. Historical and Fantasy Themes: Mods that bring historical or fantasy elements to the game, introducing new factions, units, and structures inspired by different time periods or fictional settings.
  7. User Interface (UI) Improvements: Mods designed to enhance the user interface, providing a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

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