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Need for Speed Underground 2: Free Repacks 2024

Need for speed underground 2 full game download


street racing ,customization elements, racing, street racing, car customization, open-world, and arcade.


EA Black Box, Electronic Arts.


English, Spanish, French, German

Original Size:


Repack Size:

700 MB

Repack Feature of Need for speed underground 2

  • Estimated on Switch release (v1.0.3) with Update v196608 installed: 7 GB
  • Contains an emulator for the Yuzu Switch: Mainline v543, released on February 18, 2021
  • For this game, it is advised to utilize the Vulkan API rather than the OpenGL default.
  • The game can hang on the first startup; simply restart the emulator.
  • Completely lossless but not MD5 Perfect: a larger repack size was achieved by removing encryption.
  • Nothing was torn or re-encoded.
  • With the help of the selective download tool, you may avoid downloading and installing unnecessary languages.
  • Significantly reduced archive size (compressed, depending on the languages used, from cumulative 7.2 to 3.2~3.8 GB)
  • It takes four to eight minutes to install.
  • After-install integrity check: This ensures that everything was installed correctly (only when all languages are installed will the main. NCA be tested).
  • HDD capacity following installation: 7.2 GB (may use up to 10 GB while installing)
  • You may modify the language in Yuzu’s game settings by going to RMB on a game, Properties, System, and Language.
  • To install this repack, you must have at least 2 GB of free RAM (including virtual memory).

Game Description

Need for Speed Underground 2 games provide open-world environments, enabling players to freely explore and choose their races and challenges.

Need for Speed Underground 2 was released in 2004 and is an exciting follow-up racing game. In a fictional city, players assume the roles of aspiring street racers navigating an urban racing environment.

As players progress through the plot and take on some of the city’s top racers, their racing abilities are tested against authentic graphics and immersive car customization options as well as providing authentic graphics while challenging players to complete races that provide real racing action against authentic graphics and offering them plenty of obstacles and car customization for maximum performance.

Providing Need for Speed Underground 2 with thrilling racing adventures to customize, race and become the ultimate underworld champion is provided!

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Story of Need for Speed Underground 2

  • Mysterious Invitation:

As you celebrate, a mysterious caller implores you to join their team—with no room for negotiation. Thus began your adventure through Bayview, an underground racing hub.

  • Rivalry with the Wraiths:

Your primary adversaries in this game are the Wraiths, led by Caleb’s arrogance and boastful self-importance. They dominate the scene by manipulating sponsors and using dirty tactics to maintain their position on it. You will often clash with these rivals of different race types to build your reputation while challenging their dominance.

  • Friends and allies:

Rachel is a mechanic from Olympic City who is an important member of your team. Also assists you in keeping your car in top condition. She is always at your service. Nikki is also with you as a racer with many years of experience. She has quit Caleb’s Wraiths after their battle. She can offer her knowledge and friendship.

  • Climbing the ladder:

Bayview features various districts with their own bosses and race tracks, each offering challenges and events of various degrees to unlock higher-level races and events. You can unlock these higher-tier events by completing them.

  • Showdown and Victory:

Caleb will be your final opponent in an open race, and everything rides on his victory. By defeating him, you expose his plots, break away from Wraith’s control, and earn yourself your rightful place as the undisputed King of the Bayview Underground Racing Scene.

  • Beyond the Main Story:

Underground 2 offers an assortment of side activities. Customize your car, participate in drifting challenges and sprint races, or explore an open world to uncover hidden events and collectibles.

The story revolves around powerful opponents competing in underground racing while building friendships and showing off their driving abilities during various exciting challenges.

The main characters of Need for Speed Underground 2


  • Player Role: Assuming the role of an Olympic City racer who has recently made their mark in Bayview. you aim to prove yourself by showing your talents and perseverance against some of the city’s finest teams.
  • Rachel Teller: Your trusted mechanic from Olympic City. Rachel ensures your car remains in peak condition throughout the game, providing unrivaled assistance and technical guidance as you compete in increasingly difficult races.
  • Nikki Morris: An accomplished racer initially associated with Caleb’s Wraiths team but who eventually leaves due to disagreement with Caleb, Nikki becomes your ally in your fight to take down their club. She provides her talents and friendship by helping you take down Caleb and the Wraiths together.
  • Caleb Reece of the Wraiths is the arrogant leader of the Bayview racing scene, controlled by the brutal tactics and manipulative techniques of Caleb Reece and his team, the Wraiths. To defeat Caleb, a head-to-head contest must be organized so he is dislodged from control of Bayview City.
  • The Wraiths (or Caleb and his Wraiths): A brutal group led by Caleb, who is notorious for his aggressive driving style and willingness to cheat to win. These individuals control several districts throughout Bayview and pose major competition.

Game cheat Code for Need for Speed Underground 2

  • Career Mode The main way to unlock features from the original version is through Career Mode, and as you progress. You will unlock new vehicles, performance upgrades, and visual customization options as you complete challenges and win races.
    Specific Requirements: Certain features require certain requirements to unlock them, such as winning enough races on a circuit or reaching sponsor levels. To unlock them, these conditions need to be fulfilled first.
  • Important Notice: By using any unauthorized tools or cheats. You could be breaking the Terms of Service agreement as well as detracting from your gaming experience. Always stay true to what the game intends for gameplay; sticking to its intended gameplay can unlock specific features in Need for Speed Underground 2.
  • Unlock New Cars: Winning races in Career Mode or reaching certain sponsorship levels with certain brands will unlock new cars for purchase.
  • Unlock performance improvements by winning enough races on one circuit. You will unlock performance upgrade tiers that unlock faster upgrades for that track.
  • Unlock Visual Customization Options: Winning enough races will unlock new vinyl designs, spoilers, and other visual components that you can customize visually.
  • Unlock New Districts: By building enough reputation and participating in certain events. You will unlock access to additional districts within Bayview.


  • Immersive and vibrant open world: Bayview feels alive with diverse districts, neon lights, and hidden secrets to discover.
  • Personalize Your Car for You: Customize it to suit your driving style and preferences, from performance upgrades to visual modifications.
  • Select From Different Race Types: Circuit racing, sprint races, and drag races are among the many race options available to you.
  • Engaging story and memorable characters: A story with memorable characters whose narrative is simple but provides context for your progress.


  • Steep learning curve:

Mastering controls and advanced techniques can be challenging especially for newcomers.

  • Repetitive race objectives:

Though diverse, some might find the core gameplay loop of winning races to unlock more races somewhat repetitive.

Need for speed underground 2 v.12 free download



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