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Arcade, Fighting, Beat ’em up (Brawler), Third-person, 3D, Japanese


CyberConnect2, Bandai Namco Entertainment



Original Size:

27.6 GB

Repack Size:

from 14.7 GB [Selective Download]

Repack Feature of #3950 NARUTO X BORUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS

  • Based on NARUTO.X.BORUTO.Ultimate.Ninja.STORM.CONNECTIONS-RUNE ISO release: (29,666,672,640 bytes)
  • Chronos added the missing DLC files!
  • Thanks to Gwinnbleidd, you can find an alternative Goldberg crack/emu in the NoDVD folder. It can be used if your controller is not working properly.
  • Game version: 1.01; six DLCs included and active
  • All files are 100% identical to the originals (ONLY if all components are installed)!
  • Nothing ripped and nothing re-encoded
  • Selective Download: You can skip downloading and installing voicepacks that you don’t want and background videos.
  • You can enable any VO language in the game settings if you install it.
  • Compressed archive size is significantly smaller (from 27.6 GB to 14.719.2GB depending on selected components).
  • Installation can take between 15 minutes on a CPU with 24 threads and 1 hour 20 minutes on a CPU with 4 threads.
  • Check the integrity of your installation after it has been completed.
  • HDD space after installation: 29.2 GB (30.4 GB during installation)
  • In the game settings, you can change the language.
  • Repack uses XTool Library by Razor12911
  • Installing this repack requires at least 2 GB RAM (including virtual).

Game Description


The STORM series continues with the reunion of legendary ninjas! NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM Connexions is an action/fighting video game that features fast-paced ninja fights, two story modes and a variety of ninja moves.

The largest-ever roster of ninjas is now available with the addition of new playable characters to the STORM Series!

Choose from over 130 characters to engage in powerful ninja combats! The new Simple mode allows players to perform ninjutsu combinations more easily. Beginners and experts alike can engage in heated battles against their favorite ninjas.

This game combines original scenes from Naruto with the high-quality experience of battles expected from the STORM development team. It contains highlights of Naruto’s story from the very beginning to the last battle in the series. Relive the paths taken by two legendary ninjas

Game Stroy

Naruto Uzumaki, a legendary Ninja, was once the Hokage of the hidden village Konoha. He led the village with strength and wisdom. Peace was only short-lived, as a new danger emerged from the shadows. The Shadow Clan, a mysterious group that stole ancient artifacts with unimaginable powers and threatened to bring chaos on the world, was revealed.

Naruto called on his closest allies to help him face this threat: Sasuke, Sakura, and other ninjas from the village. Together they set out on a dangerous journey to recover the stolen artifacts, and stop the Shadow Clan’s evil plans.You can also download UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER

The team had to harness the ancient powers of the Ultimate Ninja Storm to access these realms. This mystical force gave them the ability to travel between dimensions.

They entered the Land of Fire, the first realm.  They faced fierce battles with fire-elemental creatures, and had to overcome challenges that tested both their strength and their teamwork.  They found a message cryptic as they gathered the first artifact.

The journey continued to the Land of Water and Wind, Land of Lightning and Land of Earth. The ninjas encountered new enemies, improved their skills and learned more about the Shadow Clan’s sinister plot in each realm. They encountered other villages that joined forces with them to save the planet.


  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Kakashi Hatake:
  • Hinata Hyuga
  • Gaara
  • Itachi Uchiha
  • Orochimaru
  • Jiraiya
  • Madara Uchiha


  1. Forest Infiltration – Start your journey in the dense Forest of Shadows. The Forest of Shadows is full of traps and enemies who are loyal to the Shadow Clan. You can use your ninja abilities to avoid detection and navigate the forest in a stealthy manner.
  2. Encounter With Shadows: Face off with powerful shadow creatures summoned to you by the Shadow Clan as you progress. Test your team’s combat skills and adapt to these unique challenges.
  3. Artifact chambers: Get to the center of the lair, where the artifacts have been stolen. To access the artifact rooms, you must solve intricate puzzles and overcome powerful guardians. Each artifact will be guarded by an elemental creature. This requires strategic planning and teamwork.
  4. Face Kurokage as you enter the final chamber: When you reach the final chamber, face Kurokage, leader of the Shadow Clan. He uses dark jutsu to command the power of stolen artifacts. Prepare for a battle that will test your team’s coordination, strength, and resilience.
  5. Seal Darkness: After Kurokage has been defeated, seal up the stolen artifacts in order to prevent misuse. Assist in cleansing the Forest of Shadows of the Shadow Clan, and restoring peace to ninjas.
  6. Escape After the mission is completed, you can make a quick and tactical escape. The Forest of Shadows becomes increasingly treacherous when the defeated shadows launch their final revenge attempts.


  1. Character mods: This mod alters the appearance of characters in games, replacing them with custom-made models from anime, manga or completely new creations. Mods can also alter the abilities and animations of characters.
  2. Costume Mods : These modifications introduce new outfits, alternative designs, or accessories for existing characters. The players can change the look of their favorite ninjas.
  3. Stage mods: Modifications to existing stages, or addition of new environments. These mods enhance the visual experience, and can sometimes include interactive elements.
  4. Ultimate Jutsu Mods Changes in the animations and effects of ultimate jutsu. The ultimate jutsu mods allow players to create custom, visually stunning moves for their favourite characters.
  5. Heads-Up Display Mods: Customizations of the game’s interface, including health bars, chakra meter, and other elements on screen.
  6. Sound Mods Replace or enhance in-game sounds such as character voices, background musical or special effects.
  7. Gameplay Mods: Mods which alter the gameplay mechanics of the game, for example, by introducing new moves or adjusting the difficulty.
  8. Mods for Storylines: Some modders modify or create new stories to give players a unique narrative experience.

It’s important to read and follow the instructions of the modders to find mods. Improper installation could cause problems with the game. Ensure that mods you use are compatible with the version of the game.


  1. Engaging Storytelling The Naruto series follows the Naruto manga, and anime and provides a comprehensive experience to fans.
  2. Beautiful Graphics: The game’s cel-shaded graphics are visually stunning, and capture the essence of anime and manga in vibrant and dynamic visuals.
  3. Fluid Combat: This game has a fluid combat system that allows players to perform complex combos, moves and ultimate jutsu with relative ease.
  4. A Large Playable Character Roster This series features a large roster of characters with their own unique abilities and techniques. Fans can experiment with the different characters and fighting styles.
  5. Interactive Environments Some stages contain interactive elements that add an additional layer of strategy to the battles. The environment can be used by players to gain an edge or evade attack.
  6. Beautiful Music: This game has a beautiful soundtrack that enhances the emotional moments and intense battles.
  7. Tournaments and Versus Modes This series features a variety of game modes including tournaments and against modes that allow players to battle with friends or AI opponents.
  8. Ultimate Jutsu Cutscenes The ultimate moves in jutsu are visually stunning, and they capture the essence of characters’ abilities. This provides a cinematic experience.


  1. Repetitive gameplay: Over time, some players may find that the combat system becomes repetitive.
  2. Limited exploration: These games are primarily focused on combat and have limited exploration. The linearity of the story mode might not appeal to players who are looking for an open-world experience.
  3. Camera Issues The camera angles can make it difficult to follow fast-paced battles in certain situations.
  4. Limited Innovation between Iterations Although each installment introduces a new character and slight improvements, core gameplay mechanics remain relatively constant throughout the series.
  5. Some Versions Lack English Dub: Players may discover that some content is not dubbed in English. This could be a disadvantage for those who prefer English voices.
  6. Storypacing: There can be a difference in the pacing between sections of a story. Some may feel rushed, while others might seem slower.

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