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So, I have the game loaded and would like to add an enhanced user interface to it. Problem is that I need to place two files under \Documents\My Games\.Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Text, but the folder isn’t there, and I couldn’t find the entire folder elsewhere on my computer. nor in Documents/My Games, nor in the game installation folder, nor in Documents.

Can somebody tell me where I can find that folder? Without it, I can’t install. It must be somewhere, right? Every other torrented game I’ve installed has a folder where I can find savegames, etc.

Thank you :).


Game Description

Civilization v Introductions

In Civilization V, the player takes control of a civilization V that was founded in prehistory and is led into the future on a map that is created by a procedural process. Through exploration, research, diplomacy, growth, economic development, governance, and military conquest, the civilization seeks to fulfill one of several possible victory conditions. Instead of the square tiles found in previous games in the series, the game uses a completely new game engine using hexagonal tiles.[5] Many features from Civilization V and its expansion packs have been altered or eliminated, including espionage and religion, which were later added back in in the game’s sequels. With the elimination of military unit stacking and the addition of the ability for cities to fire directly at enemy targets, the warfare system has undergone a complete makeover.[6] The maps also feature non-player characters and computer-controlled city-states.

Civilization V Game Story

In the turn-based strategy game Civilization V, you assume control of your civilization and lead it from the beginning of time to a bright future. You can take a few different routes to victory:

Domination: Overcoming every other society.
Science: Launching a spacecraft first.
Culture: Growing into the most influential civilization in terms of culture.
Winning a vote at the UN is the definition of diplomacy.
Time: Finishing first when the timer goes off.
In Civil V, your narratives are as distinct as your gameplay style. Here’s a hypothetical situation:

As Montezuma, the head of the Aztec Empire, you begin. Your people are incredibly resourceful and ambitious, creating city after city and amassing a formidable military. Ramesses and you have disagreements.

Civilizations V Character

. 1Montezuma I of the Aztec Empire

. 2 Ramesses II of the Egyptian Empire

. 3 Napoleon Bonaparte of the French Empire

How to Missions

Rewards for Completing City-State Quests.

Completing City-State Quests.

Finding City-State Quests.

Civi V Mods

Civi V allows you to enhance the base game with mods and scenarios. Mods enhance the game by adding or modifying everything from civilizations to units. Scenarios are pre-built settings that position the player in a certain predicament, often with special prerequisites for victory.

Civi V Pors & Cons

Pros: The concept is really cool. Choose a culture and a legendary leader. Some of the game’s concepts are really appealing. Congresses are one positive aspect of diplomacy. Religion is cool.

Cons: AI is quite terrible. It does not follow the same rules that you do, which gives the game a corny feel. There is essentially no diplomacy (save at congresses), and every buddy will eventually betray, denounce, and denounce.

Civi V System Requairments

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.0 GHz CPU SPEED: Details
RAM: 2 GB.
VIDEO CARD: 256 MB ATI HD2600 XT or better, 256 MB nVidia 7900 GS or better, or Core i3 or higher integrated graphics.
Dedicated video RAM: 256 MB.
Pixel and vertex sizes are 3.0.
Operating system: Windows® XP SP3/Windows® Vista SP2/Windows® 7 Free disk space: 8 GB.

Civi V Install & Download

I know it’s probably not the most usual way to install the game anymore, but when a buddy just gave me his Civilization 5 CD, I was intrigued and popped it in to give it a go. Unfortunately, I cannot install the game at all. I’ve been informed that the game frequently has issues with Windows 10, but all of the patches I’ve seen are for individuals who have already installed the game, not those attempting to install it.

Civi V Conclusion

Civi V lacks a clear, unambiguous finish. When you achieve the victory requirement, the game finishes. There are multiple ways to win, allowing for replayability and various approaches to building your civilization:

Domination Victory: Eliminate all other civilizations’ capitals.
Cultural Victory: Become the most culturally impactful civilization by promoting tourism and culture.
Science Victory: Become the first civilization to launch a spaceship and escape Earth.
Diplomatic Victory: Win a vote at the United Nations headquarters to become the world’s leader.
Time Victory: Have the highest score when the timer at the end of the game reaches zero.

Civilization V


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