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Exploration, First-person, 3D, Horror





Original Size:

4.9 GB

Repack Size:

3.2 GB

Repack Feature of #3956 Another Day v1.0.3 + Windows 7 Fix

  • Drawing from Another.Day-TENOKE is the ISO release (5,270,308,864 bytes)
  • Version of the game: 1.0.3 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: after installation, every file is exactly the same as the originals.
  • Nothing was torn or re-encoded.
  • notably reduced archive size (from 4.9 to 3.2 GB when compressed)
  • Depending on your system, installation takes one to four minutes.
  • Integrity check after installation to ensure everything was installed correctly
  • 4.7 GB of HDD space following installation
  • You can modify the language in the game options.
  • Razor12911’s compression library is used by Repack.
  • Installation of this repack requires at least 2 GB of free RAM, including virtual memory.
  • To play the game on Windows 7, copy the contents of the “_Windows 7 Fix” folder to the game’s root.

Game Description

Description of ANOTHER DAY

You can just get ready to solve difficult puzzles strewn all over the hospital. To advance, solve these captivating riddles, find new secrets, and try to get out of this horrible trap.

[b]DISCOVER THE HOSPITAL’S DARK HALLWAYS[/b] Explore the dim hallways and immerse yourself in the gloomy depths of the shuttered hospital. they are surrounded by a foreboding ambiance where danger and mysteries abound in the quiet. Every step into the unknown may lead to fresh discoveries or confrontations with terrifying beings, so be ready for scary moments.
[b]GET ENTROPIC INTO THE STORY Study the old notes you find to solve the mysteries surrounding the abandoned hospital. They will be crucial in revealing the sinister happenings that transpired here. Find out

Game Structure

Although it appears that you are requesting the framework for a creative work with the title “ANOTHER DAY,” you haven’t made it clear what kind of work this is. Is it a narrative, poetry, song, or something else entirely? Could you be more specific about what you’re looking for in terms of specifics or structure? Having this knowledge will enable me to respond in a more pertinent and accurate manner.

Introduction to “ANOTHER DAY”

Another day in paradise tells its story in the peaceful embrace of dawn, as the first rays of sunlight paint the earth in hues of possibility. This work of art allows you to travel through the moments that define yet another day, whether through the catchy lyrics of a story, the rhythmic verses of a poem, or the melodic notes of a song. It is a contemplation on the complex dance of time, a celebration of life’s subtleties, and an investigation of feelings.

Die another day asks you to feel the pulse of life, see the beauty concealed in the everyday, and connect with the ups and downs of the human experience as the story is told. Whether the day is bathed in the warm radiance of this piece aims to capture the spirit of every moment that passes, whether it is filled with joy or is enveloped in contemplative shadows. It does this by creating a tapestry of emotions that speak to the common rhythm of existence.

Take a journey with ” Another day in paradise by phil collins as it reveals itself, offering a glimpse into life’s intricate tapestry where each word, sight, and note has a hidden meaning that only you can uncover.

Characters for “ANOTHER DAY,”

Lila is the protagonist.

What inspires Lila’s creativity and motivates her to pursue art?
What is Lila’s response when Eli, the enigmatic visitor, shows up?
What goals or obstacles does Lila personally encounter throughout the narrative?
Eli, the Mysterious Traveler:

Why does Eli want to carry the magically-infused old book?
What is the history of the wanderer and how does Eli feel about the village of Everwood?
Does Eli have a particular goal in mind when spreading the phil collins another in paradise magic?
Supporting Characters: Everwood Townspeople

What are the roles of the important townspeople Lila meets along the way, and who are they in the community?
Can you give some of the supporting characters unique personalities, oddities, or relationships?
What is the response of the locals to the enchanted insights that Lila and Eli brought forth?
Conflict or antagonist (if any):

Is there a problem or conflict that the characters in “ANOTHER DAY” have to solve?
What difficulties do the characters encounter on the inside or outside, and how do they learn from them?
Tone and Theme:

What main idea or point do you want the characters in “ANOTHER DAY” to make?
What kind of tone do you want for the narrative? Is the tone lighthearted, enigmatic, sentimental, or a mix of all three? You can also download FATHER’S DAY HORROR GAME

I can assist you in developing the characters’ profiles further if you would want to add more information or define any specific qualities you’d like for the characters!

 Mission in ANOTHER DAY 

  • Assignments:
  • The Magical Canvas Mission:
  • Make Contact with the Towns people:
  • Traveling via Different Worlds:
  • Face the Opponent:
  • Restore the Magic of Everwood:


  • Mode of Time Trial:
  • Story Extension Mod:
  • Mod for the Artistic Challenge:
  • Modular Random Events:
  • Mod for Free-Roam Exploration:
  • Mod for Seasonal Changes:
  • Mod for Customizing Characters:
  • Mode of Survival:
  • Multi-user Mod:
  • Mod for Art Gallery:

Provide a specific gallery area for players to display their finished paintings in the game.
Provide a community gallery function that allows users to browse and share each other’s artwork.
These modifications can give “Game” more variation and replay value while accommodating various player preferences and playstyles.

Cheat code  in ANOTHER DAY

  1. ARTISTSFREEDOM: Allows the player to create paintings
  2. TIMETRAVELER:Seasons, altering the game’s atmosphere.
  3. WIZARDSUPPLIES:Unlocks all painting tools
  4. MYSTICALJOURNEY:Facilitating exploration and quest completion
  5. BALANCEACHIEVED:Restores the magical balance
  6. SPEEDOFLIGHT: Accelerates the passage of in-game time
  7. FASHIONISTA:Unlocks all available outfits


  • Storyline that Draws Players in just another day for you and me in paradise immerses players in the adventures of Lila, the protagonist, and the enchanted town of Everwood through a captivating and engrossing narrative.
  • Playing as an Artist: The game’s original painting mechanics offer a novel and imaginative experience, letting players express their artistic side while furthering the plot.
  • mystical Atmosphere: The visually striking and evocative gaming environment is created by the fascinating location and mystical components, captivating players’ attention and igniting their creativity.
  • Character Development: By interacting with a variety of town residents, players can develop their characters in a significant way and forge strong emotional bonds with the Everwood community.
  • Dynamic Puzzles: The magical components mixed with the painting puzzles create a dynamic and difficult gameplay that encourages players to think creatively and solve problems.


  • earning Curve: Players who prefer simpler gameplay may become alienated from the creative challenge mod due to its high learning curve and intricate painting mechanisms.
  • Limited Action: Because just another day for you and me in paradise focuses more on exploration and storytelling than on battle or difficult obstacles, players looking for action-oriented gameplay may find the lack of these elements to be less interesting.
  • Linear Story: The primary plot may be viewed as linear despite possible modifications, which would restrict the player’s freedom of choice and create conflicting stories.
  • Visual Complexity: Some players may find the lively and enchanted environment to be too much to handle visually, especially if they are fans of realistic or minimalistic art.
  • Dependency on Mods: Players could feel pressured to install the extra mods if they start to become necessary for a fun experience, which could split the player base.

Screenshot of ANOTHER DAY







As “Harmony’s Restoration” comes to an end, Everwood is transformed into a magically brilliant place that symbolizes the significance of Lila’s trip. The villagers honor her efforts with a large festival that highlights the beauty of every moment as it passes in “ANOTHER DAY.”

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